At ECAT, we are committed to enacting positive change through action. Our continual projects demonstrate our dedication to empowering marginalized communities and shaping a brighter tomorrow.

Boarding School For Differently Abled Children

A boarding school catering to deaf, dumb, and visually impaired children began as a three-month experimental project but has since evolved into a permanent institution. Since admitting our initial group of students, we have remained steadfast in our commitment. Our boarding facility offers a nurturing environment where audibly and orally impaired children can access education tailored to their specific requirements. Our goal is to equip these children with the necessary knowledge and skills to lead more fulfilling lives within society.

Women's Safety and Counselling Centre

Established in 2011, the Women’s Safety and Counselling Centre, entrusted to us by the Women Development Department of the Rajasthan Government, operates within the Karauli Police Station. Serving as a sanctuary for women who have endured trauma or violence, our centre offers counselling and assistance aimed at rebuilding their confidence and empowering them to taking control over their lives. To date, we have assisted 2149 women on their path to seeking justice and rehabilitation.

Youth and Sports

Engaging in youth and sports initiatives, we recognize their potential in fostering vibrant communities. As part of this commitment, ECAT actively engages in the Karauli Premier League (KPL) and sponsors the Man of the Match award. Our goal is to nurture leadership skills, mentor emerging talent, and empower the youth.

Keladevi Pilgrim Camp

Annually, coinciding with the Kaila Devi Chaitra Mela in Rajasthan, commencing on the 12th day of Chaitra Badi of Hindi Month and spanning five days, we host our Keladevi Pilgrim Service Camp. With provision resting camp and information hub, our camp aims to enhance safety and convenience for travellers and pilgrims embarking on their devout pilgrimage.

Rescue Team

Pilgrims en-route to the sacred Keladevi temple frequently partake in an early morning dip in the Panchana River. Regrettably, incidents of drowning occur annually. In response to this, ECAT established a rescue team to mitigate these tragedies. Our committed team undergoes rigorous training to promptly address any accidents at the Panchana River, striving to prevent loss of life and extend crucial assistance to pilgrims throughout their pilgrimage.


As part of the Ministry of Women and Child Development of India, ECAT was entrusted with the responsibility of aiding children in distress. In collaboration with ChildLine India Foundation Mumbai, we launched our services in 2020, providing a lifeline for vulnerable children in Karauli and neighbouring areas. ChildLine 1098 delivers prompt assistance, intervention, and rescue for children experiencing abuse, neglect, or exploitation.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, our relief operation was geared towards assisting individuals in need. We provided essential resources, medical aid, and support to those affected. To disseminate crucial information, we deployed two promotional vehicles in Karauli and surrounding regions. Over 47,186 food packets were distributed to COVID-19 relief centers and slum areas, along with masks and hand sanitizers. Addressing the oxygen shortage crisis, we established an oxygen plant to guarantee a continuous supply of this life-saving resource to healthcare facilities.

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