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What is ECAT?

Established in 1988, Society for Education Conscientisation Awareness and Training (ECAT) is a non-governmental development organization dedicated to empowering marginalized communities, including women, children, the elderly, destitute, and the handicapped. The organization has steadfastly worked towards securing an equal and dignified status for these communities within society. Through its various active initiatives, ECAT strives to eradicate discrimination and uphold the constitutional rights of deprived individuals.

The name ECAT is derived from a colloquial Indian language, signifying “Unity.” The acronym encapsulates the organization’s fundamental values of “Education Conscientisation Awareness and Training.” Over the past 25 years, ECAT has actively supported poor and marginalized communities, enhancing their lives through a variety of projects and programs.

At the core of ECAT’s philosophy is a belief in positive change. The organization’s journey has been marked by hope, compassion, and an unwavering commitment to constructing a brighter tomorrow for those most in need. Supported by dedicated partners, ECAT has been instrumental in bringing about significant societal transformations.

Now, we extend an invitation for your support. Join us in this exceptional mission to contribute to making the world a better place.


“To envision a society where equity prevails, providing equal opportunities for all, while fostering peace, sustainable development, and embracing cultural, religious, and gender diversities.”


“ECAT is dedicated to fostering an inclusive, equitable, and harmonious society that upholds the rights and opportunities of individuals including differently abled, women and marginalised. Our commitment extends to empowering the marginalised, uplift the disadvantaged, and advocate for those who need it the most. Our overarching mission is to make collective effort to challenge and transform existing social structures by fostering critical awareness.”


D.Ed. Spl. HI Admission 2024-26


Over the span of 25 years, ECAT has touched thousands of lives and has always strived to bring the change we wish for.
Our impact is a testament to our unwavering dedication. We have always strived to transform lives.


Awards and Achievements

Throughout our journey, we’ve reached significant milestones and garnered notable recognition. It brings us immense pride to share ECAT’s achievements with you. Our dedication to social causes has been acknowledged through numerous prestigious awards and honours.

No. of students helped
Families fed during Covid19
No. of women helped (2021-2022)
Food packets distributed during Covid19

For two consecutive years, ECAT has been awarded the Certificate of Appreciation by the District Collector of Karuli.

Mr. Satyen Chaturvedi, our Coordinator and Member Secretary, has held leadership positions within the Rajasthan Voluntary Health Association. Additionally, he has been appointed as a member of the Governing Board of ARAVALI, Rajasthan, and accorded membership on the Guidance Board by the State Institute of Health & Family Welfare.

Kamla Chaturvedi, CEO of ECAT has received recognition at the Block Level from the Municipality of Nawa. Additionally, she has been honoured by Rajasthan Patrika in Karauli.

Our Partners in Change

We were never alone on our expedition to build an egalitarian society for marginalised communities; we had the support of our partners.

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