At ECAT, we believe in taking action to bring about positive change. Our ongoing projects reflect our unwavering commitment to uplifting marginalised communities and creating a better future.

Boarding School for Deaf, Mute, and Visually Impaired Children

What started as an experimental project of 3 months turned into a full-time boarding facility for Deaf, Mute, and Visually Impaired Children! Once we took in our very first batch of students, we never looked back. Our boarding school provides a safe and supportive environment for audibly and orally impaired children to receive an education tailored to their unique needs. We aim to empower these kids with the knowledge and skills they deserve to lead a better and more fulfilling life in society.

Women's Safety and Counseling Center

In 2011, the Rajasthan Government’s Women Development Department gave us the responsibility of operating a Women’s Safety and Counseling Center at Karauli Police Station. Our centre offers a safe haven for women who have experienced trauma or violence. We provide counselling and support to help them regain their confidence and take control of their lives. To date, we have helped 2149 women in their journey for justice and rehabilitation.

Youth and Sports Activities

We believe in the power of youth and sports to build healthy communities. In that spirit, ECAT participates in the Karauli Premier League (KPL). We sponsor the Man of the Match prize money for the event. Our aim is to inculcate leadership qualities, mentor young talent, and empower youthful individuals.

Keladevi Pedestrian Service Camp

Every year, during the Kaila Devi Chaitra Mela of Rajasthan, which starts on the 12th day of Chaitra Badi and continues for 5 days, we organise our Keladevi Pedestrian Service Camp. Our camp is a rest stop and resource centre for travellers and pilgrims. It’s our way of promoting safety and convenience for those in the devoted journey.

Ambulance Services

Karauli and its surrounding regions have faced the doom of ambulance shortages for several years. Due to the lack of Government Ambulance Services, many patients have suffered and even met with untimely demise. Our ambulance services provide critical medical support to those in need. We ensure swift and efficient response during emergencies with 24/7 availability.

Rescue Team

On their journey to the holly Keladevi temple, pilgrims often take an early morning dip in the Panchana River. Unfortunately, more than one case of drowning is registered every year. To prevent these accidental drowning deaths, ECAT created a rescue team. Our dedicated team is trained to respond to any accidents, that may occur at Panchana River. They work tirelessly to save lives and provide essential support to the pilgrims during their journey.

ChildLine 1098

Under the Ministry of Women and Child Development of India, ECAT received the opportunity to help children in distress. In association with ChildLine India Foundation Mumbai, we inaugurated our services in the year 2020, which was a godsend for helpless and destitute children of Karuali and nearby regions. ChildLine 1098 offers immediate support, intervention, and rescue for children facing abuse, neglect, or exploitation.

COVID-19 Relief Operation

Our COVID-19 relief operation was aimed at providing support to people in need during the pandemic. We offered essential resources, medical assistance, and care to those in need. We launched two promotional vehicles to circulate critical information in Karauli and nearby areas. We distributed over 47186 food packets to CVID-19 relief centres as well as slum areas. We also distributed masks and sanitiser to people. In response to the oxygen crisis during the pandemic, we’ve established an oxygen plant to ensure a steady supply of life-saving oxygen to healthcare facilities.

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We invite you to be a part of our journey. Your support, whether through donations, volunteer work, or partnerships, is essential to our mission. Together, we can create a world where every person, regardless of their circumstances, has an opportunity to thrive.

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